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David Sugar :: Blog :: From Scale/8x to life in Police State America

July 07, 2010

Recently I had spoken at several conferences, and shortly after that our only other U.S. based project contributor was forced into hiding.  He is currently living under the protection of the Yakut nation.  This is a quick summary of recent months.  Much of this happened around the time I was speaking at Harvard at the LibrePlanet 2010.  Currently I am expecting to visit CVUT later this month.  It is worth noting the odd fact that the last time I visited CVUT was when the United States invaded Iraq.  Larger events do presently suggest another tragidy is very possible during this visit.

A month before speaking at Harvard I had actually spoken at scale/8x, and there is now a full copy of the audio http://www.gnutelephony.org/data/scale8x.mp3 from that presentation http://www.socallinuxexpo.org/scale8x/presentations/communication-privacy-free-society. Sadly they did not provide an ogg, but if someone wishes to transcode and re-post it, that would be greatly appreciated.  What I have generally not commented on previously to protect the safety and privacy of several families is that my co-presenter was violently attacked a week later and the home of one Erthica Star was raided.

Here is some video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o15wYsC9AIY&feature=related of that supplied by the victim herself. As I do not know her, I do not have any means of explaining better ways for her to make such video available.  You will however love some of the text commented overlayed. Clearly some of these goons spent far too much time at Dunken Donuts. "I don't need a warrant" is sadly my favorite quote, but is so very typical of the reality of a police state. Joey has been on reservation under the protection of the Yakut nation since the latest incident April 1st. There are other individuals and families now under protection related to this as well.  As circumstances allow, I may comment on that later as well as our unusual declaration of the right of refuge in Lakota.

To appreciate what police brutality is in America, and what it means to live in the United States in these times, I also suggest this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QJx_cONg7A&feature=related video, I believe also taken by Erthica about what happened to Joey earlier, and I think you will see part of the reason why the Yakut nation chose to take him in.

Finally, assuming I am still free to move around this fall, I may be visiting the U.K. and Italy to speak about this, and more broadly about North American genocide.  I had been tentitively invited to come to Europe with Kevin Annett this September to speak about Lakota issues, assuming I also find funding for this.  We do have some volunteers in Slovinia, and would likely go there as well.


Keywords: british canada, genocide, hidden from history, home invasion, indigenous, lakota, north america, police state, refugees, state terrorism

Posted by David Sugar


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