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September 30, 2009

Guri was the result of an interaction between a group of high school students from Northern Italy and members of the association Hipatia, which acts in the world to promote freedom of knowledge for a better community.

At the beginnings we started working with various kinds of free software and, working day by day, we became aware of the importance of a different approach to knowledge in all its shapes.
The power of free software and the concepts which it is based on, made in us grow a new sensitivity.

From that time we understood that, if knowledge would be free, then all society would be different too.
In our context there is a big lack in education: everyone is educated from the early school to think just for himself and all the educational system works to develop a society of the single which separates people to increase the interest of few others.

For this reason we set up a working group in order to make things change: in our opinion to change a community you must start from education.

In fact we are a project which works in schools: we are all students and from the inside we are acting to fill this gap in people's way to live.

From the 2007 we are working in Italy to create and increase in people awareness: we started teaching to classes in schools making students enter in contact with our themes.

Our main work is a series of lessons and workshops with people in ITIS, a high school of 3000 students, about the use of free means of communication. Our HQ was a lab inside the school with internet access and Gnu/Linux systems.

Everyday was a new experiment with different people working with us and different themes to discuss (from p2p, licences, laws on technology, to new softwares). The interesting thing of these educational experiments was that, in order not to indoctrinate students, we tried many ways of teaching to stimulate their critical thinking.
When dealing with education there are many important things we learned to take into account.

The most important thing is that we want to make people think. In a typical lesson we introduce an issue and then we discuss it and give people the possibility to search and make their own ideas.
Then everyone has to make a own work of growth. Every step that someone reaches is thanks to his or her will to know.
The process of growth is double sided. There is no a teaching élite and target. When we spread knowledge we learn too in a completly horizontal way.

For these reasons we cooperated with Richard Matthew Stallman, founder of the Free Software Foundation, organising a series of conferences in schools (from Savona to Biella) dealing with technological freedom and education, introducing real examples of the free software world.

Now our aim is to host free content from people from all over the world in order to create a virtual university in which everyone can access to the information freely and share contents.

The actual Guri members are:

Keywords: education, free knowledge, guri, italy, itis

Posted by guri - Matteo Gamba


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  1. Ciao guri:

    questo è un prototipo del documento da mettere sia sul nostro drupal, che da lasciare qui, che da inviare a voxhumanitatis.org

     Nei commenti scrivetemi pure cosa c'è da aggiungere corraggere che edito cosi arriviamo a una versione definitiva.


    Matteo GambaMatteo Gamba on Wednesday, 30 September 2009, 13:01 ART # |

  2. Ciao Matteo!

    Mi sembra un ottimo punto di partenza!

    Se avete voglia, però, date un'occhiata alla bozza del Terzo Manifesto a cui abbiamo lavorato Giovanni, Marco ed io. Si trova su marroncito:


    Lì abbiamo provato a spiegare perché "In our opinion to change a community you must start from education"...

    E poi mi piacerebbe parlarvi a quattr'occhi della questione università. Stavate parlando di una riunione IRC con Jucar, se non erro. Per quando?

    P.s.: Puria è di origini iraniane ed io Italiano, forse quel "south american members of Hipatia" si può cambiare in "members of Hipatia"? Smile

    Stefano BaraleStefano Barale on Thursday, 01 October 2009, 05:41 ART # |

  3. assolutamente si (a tutto) :)

    dopo leggo il link che hai postato cosi vedo se posso espandere meglio l'argomento. Questa è ancora una bozza, perchè il lato dell'educazione qui è solo accennato...


    Per la riunione: vediamo di arrangiarne subito una in irc. Dopo mando una mail a coordinadores-hipatia, cosi ne discutiamo li.


    Matteo GambaMatteo Gamba on Thursday, 01 October 2009, 08:17 ART # |

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