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Hipatia :: Blog :: Hipatia Statement on Lakotah Sovereignty

February 25, 2008

Hipatia recognizes the continued Independence of the people of Lakotah, as a sovereign nation separate from and equal with the United States of America, based on the the Declaration of Continuing Sovereignty, as adopted in 1974 by the first International Indian Treaty Council; as per the U.N. declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples, as adopted by the General Assembly Resolution 1514, 14th December 1960; and as currently executed by the Freedom Delegation representing the people and provisional government of the Republic of Lakotah by their action of withdrawal from past treaties from the United States of America on December 17th, 2007.

In fact, the Sovereignty of the Lakotah people was never in question and has been an established and continuing fact for over 200 years, as first promised in the Louisiana Purchase of 1803, and as clearly recognized in and part of every treaty established between the Lakotah people and the United States of America since the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1851 forward. That the established treaty obligations were never fulfilled by the United States of America for the Lakotah, both by fraud and by direct breach, clearly establishes as per the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, that the Lakotah are both free to terminate these past treaties and in doing so have restored their past and recognized status as a separate and sovereign nation. To this act we celebrate with you.

Hipatia has always been concerned with facilitating cultural heritage and the sharing of knowledge in a global community in freedom for all people and groups. Part of who we are, individually, culturally, socially, is based on this freedom. That some private and public institutions choose to erase peoples and cultures that are deemed inefficient to support or incompatible with the capitalist model of economics is a fight we wage openly. We believe that with sovereignty will come the ability for the Lakotah to assert and continue their culture, their traditions, their life-ways, freely and without interference of or open suppression by a colonial political power and foreign economic system.

As Hipatians, we seek not to advise, not to tell you how you should live your own culture or your life-ways. We simply wish to listen and learn together with the people of Lakotah, and to share in your liberation where we can.

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