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May 17, 2008


We are told that we live in the 'digital revolution' era and that we can communicate across the globe as we never could before. In fact, restrictive copyright laws still act as a serious barrier to sharing and learning from each other. This is particularly true in countries of the South where three quarters of the population live.
To read more, get a copy of the 208-page Copy/South Dossier produced in May 2006 by the Copy South Research Group after more than 18 months of research. Available at no charge, this unique dossier contains more than 50 articles examining many dimensions of the issue across the global South, such as access, culture, economics, libraries, education, software, the Internet, the public domain, and resistance. It is available at no charge.
You can get the dossier in two ways: either download it or send us an e-mail (contact@copysouth.org) and we will send you a copy in the post, either as a printed booklet or as a CD.

Keywords: Copy South, copyright, culture, economics, education, internet, resistance, software, South

Posted by Hipatia - Juan Carlos Gentile


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