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October 2006

October 06, 2006

by David Sugar dyfet@hipatia.info

As I plan what may be my last foreign trip on my tired old American
passport before it expires, I am forced to ponder that the country I
once knew has also expired. Indeed, it is ironic that I will be
visiting Venezuela later this month, a country in the midst of
rediscovering the ideals of it's founder, Simon Bolivar, while my own
country has over the past 6 years labored so very hard to destroy all
those remaining ideals it was originally founded under.

Soon I must trade my passport in for the new "improved" Gestapo
passport; the one with a tracking chip. How ironic it is that the
country in which so many hundreds of thousands sacrificed their lives in
the last century in the simple belief they were fighting to eliminate
fascism abroad should be so openly mocked by those international war
criminals who run this country today and bring nothing but shame and
disgrace to this nation and to all those who have ever struggled
anywhere in the world past or present in the true name of freedom.

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De David Sugar dyfet at hipatia.info - original en ingles aqui

Traduccion de Kary Dondo Gonzalez y Agustina Vidal

Pronto deberé cambiar mi pasaporte por el nuevo y "mejorado" Pasaporte
Gestapo, el único que contiene un chip de rastreo. Qué irónico que el pais
por el cual tantos cientos de miles han sacrificado sus vidas en el último
siglo con la simple creencia de que estaban peleando para eliminar el
fascismo en el exterior, sea abiertamente ridiculizado por aquellos
criminales de guerra internacionales que hoy conducen este país y sólo traen
verguenza y desgracia a esta nación y a todos aquellos que lucharon en el
mundo pasado o presente en el nombre de la verdadera libertad.

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